Kristina Ayala

The artwork I create is inspired by many years living by the water and much of the work I create shows my fascination with fish. I am not only mesmerized by the appearance of these creatures but I am curious about their workings. Puffers, jellyfish, squid, and the octopus are common motifs for me. Their characteristics of fragility and defensiveness inspire my work. I also like the whimsical quality of sea creatures real or make believe. I have grown up swimming and if the choice had been given to me as a child, I would have wished to be a mermaid. I strive for a painterly yet striking quality, in the images I paint; I want my ceramics to be functional and beautiful. I want my illustrations to be interesting and my printmaking to be technical and clean. Other major influences in my work come from my love of Japanese culture. My prints and my illustrations strongly influence one another.



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"I so appreciate your beautiful work and lovely company." Amy, San Francisco, CA

"Anne, your artistry and gentle touch are appreciated beyond words." Lisa, Santa Ana, CA



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