Coco Leo

Prints and Watercolor Paintings

I am a tattoo artist from the east coast who loves making art and helping people all over the world. I tattoo, I paint, I print, and anything else that’s inspiring. As an orphan, I have dedicated my life to helping children and people in need. I do a lot of volunteer work in Central America, helping to build schools and in addition to that I am starting my own non-profit called Orphans Ink. I make art and clothes to fundraise for my non-profit. So everything that is purchased here goes right to charity. My goal with my non-profit is to build and renovate orphanages all over the world, raise money to help the kids go to school, and help anyone and everyone one I can to live a better life. If you are interested in helping or getting tattooed, please send me a message. Thanks for your support and listening to my story.



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"I so appreciate your beautiful work and lovely company." Amy, San Francisco, CA

"Anne, your artistry and gentle touch are appreciated beyond words." Lisa, Santa Ana, CA



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