Leona Herod

“With finger painting I can relax and play without being concerned about staying in the lines.”

Leona has been tattooing for twenty years and doing Art for most of her life. She was a jeweler and a potter; she still paints and does photography. Recently she decided to finger paint on acrylic to loosen up a little bit, being that all of the other artwork she does has quite a lot of constraints.

Leona’s process:

“I chose Plexiglass because it is somewhat inexpensive and if I do not saturate the glass, it gives it a stained glass look. This can illuminate the image from the back, especially if a light is placed behind it. I paint backwards because the paint is placed on the back of the plexy. I begin applying the light colors first and then progress to darker colors. I have to paint somewhat fast being that acrylic paint dries quickly. I also use latex gloves since I paint by with my fingers and hand. It is fun and exciting to see what swirling two different colors together does.”

You can find Leona on Facebook at Leona’s Tattoos.



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